Automatic Measurement System for Tread (side) Section thickness (off-line)

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Automatic Measurement System for Tread (side) Section thickness (off-line)

Model Number: WH-CH0S1-30

Product synopsis: using laser sensor measuring the thickness of the tread (side), when the thickness of the measured object changes, the launch of the analyte laser to the laser generator, after reflection light displacement changes will take place on the laser receiver position, through the calculation of geometric variation of analyte that thickness and the thickness of the signal displayed in digital or curve way.

The mechanical structure of the system adopts C-type installation mode, the two sensors are fixed on the lower end of the C-type frame, and the scanning function is realized by translating the C-type frame, so as to complete the whole tread (side) scanning measurement.

The thickness, contour and width of the cut tread (side) are measured, displayed and counted in various forms.


Main Functions:

1. Automatically measure the thickness of the extrusion tread (side) and form the profile of the section.

2. Automatic measurement and display of the width of the extrusion tread (side).

3. Compare the thickness profile, width and deviation of the tread (side) with the standard value, make a judgment on whether the mouth plate is qualified, and correct it.

Technical indicators:

The serial numberContent of technical requirementsTechnical indicators
1Thickness measurement range0~30mm
2Thickness measurement accuracy±0.05mm
3Width measurement accuracy±0.5mm
4Working voltage220V 50Hz