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Tread section thickness measurement system (online)

The tread section thickness automatic measurement system is developed specifically for rubber, plastic extruder automatic thickness measurement equipment, measurement principle change when the thickness of the analyte, laser radiation emitted by the laser generator to the analytelocation on the exposure to the laser receiver
The tread section thickness automatic measurement system is developed specifically for rubber, plastic extruder automatic thickness measurement equipment, measurement principle change when the thickness of the analyte, laser radiation emitted by the laser generator to the analytelocation on the exposure to the laser receiver, after reflection will occur displacement changes by geometric calculations will know the amount of change of the thickness of the analyte, and the thickness of the signal is digital or curve displayed.

1, the main features:
Automatically measured and the thickness of the extruded tread to form a cross-sectional contour.
The extrusion of the tread width for automatic measurement and display.
The thickness of the contour of the tread, the width and the deviation compared with the standard value, the quality of the product level to be judged.
The system hardware with interface extension, in order to accommodate the need for control and regulation.
All measurement data long-term preservation of more than three years, and can be printed or displayed at any time, for the quality of retrospective.
2, the main technical parameters:
 thickness measurement range : 0 ~ 30mm
Thickness measurement accuracy of : ± 0.10mm
Width measurement accuracy of : ± 0.5mm
Scan control speed : (5 ~ 12) m / min
Tread contour display accuracy of : 0.3mm / pixel
The applicable production line speed : 30m/min
Temperature drift of : 0.05% / ℃
Adapt to the ambient temperature : -15 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Relative humidity : 9 <90%