Top 10 News of China Rubber Machinery Industry in 2018

Column:Industry information Time:2019-01-08
The National Rubber Machinery Information Center and Rubber Machinery Technology and Equipment periodical office made an inventory of the development status and important events of China's rubber machinery industry in 2018.

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The National Rubber Machinery Information Center and Rubber Machinery Technology and Equipment periodical office made an inventory of the development status and important events of China's rubber machinery industry in 2018. After the selection of the organization experts, the following 10 major events in the industry were selected as the "top ten news stories in China's rubber Machinery Industry in 2018", which are now being announced.

1. The world's first tire smart factory experience center was launched

On September 17, Soft control Smart Factory Experience Center was officially opened in Jiaozhou, Qingdao. Soft control intelligent factory is power tire and rubber enterprises to make good products as the goal, to simplify management, improve quality, the authors efficiency and for the evaluation of green environmental protection, in a unified specification, stable and reliable, man-machine coordination, automatic intelligent for the principle, integrated application of information technology, logistics, automation and intelligent control technology, to promote the tyre production all elements of the digital core measures for the overall solution. At present, SoftControl has successfully delivered two fully automatic intelligent factories for use, and completed more than 30 digital workshop construction or transformation projects. Through artificial intelligence scheduling, continuous production can be achieved, ineffective production time can be shortened by more than 5%, the output of single equipment can be increased by more than 3%, and the spare parts occupied by about 15 million yuan per year can be reduced.

2. The first large VOCs exhaust ultra-low emission treatment process and equipment through the identification

On September 15, Beijing Wanxiang Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Chaoyang rubber Co., Ltd. jointly completed the "rubber factory VOCs ultra-low emission treatment process and key technology equipment" through the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organization of scientific and technological achievements identification. The RESULT SHOWS THAT THE technology FILLS the GAP in China and is a set of innovative technologies with complete independent intellectual property rights, reaching the international advanced level. This technology is a set of rubber factory RTO waste gas treatment intelligent control system based on the cloud platform, with the characteristics of management information, intelligent control, intelligent point inspection and systematic management of the whole life of the equipment.

Specific performance in the following aspects: The technology for smelting JiaoGong segment of the complexity of the exhaust gas, dust, oil mist content high, the characteristics of high concentrations of ozone, for the first time use "pretreatment + secondary filtration + adsorption + rotary rotary drum enrichment RTO" the integration of management technology, particulate matter from the 2.02 mg per cubic meter, the total hydrocarbon 1.35 mg per cubic meters of methane, ozone concentration, 269, It is significantly lower than the emission limit requirements of 12mg per cubic meter for particulate matter, 10mg per cubic meter for total non-methane hydrocarbon and 6000 for odor concentration (30m for exhaust cylinder) stipulated in GB 27632-2011. In the stage of technical pretreatment, the pretreatment equipment of compartment cloth bag filter, recycling material conveying and fresh material conveying is adopted. Off-line ash spraying and back blowing, online maintenance, to ensure continuous operation of the system; The surface of the filter bag is sprayed with slaked lime to remove oil, dust, water and sulfide.

The successful development of this technical achievement provides a solution for the treatment of rubber waste gas in the rubber industry and realizes the clean and green production of rubber factories.

3. Juyun Intelligent was selected as an enterprise in the Standard Conditions of Industrial Robot Industry

In May, the General Office of the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the list of the first batch of enterprises in line with the "Industrial Robot industry Standard Conditions". Julun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. of Jieyang city was successfully selected as one of the first 15 enterprises in line with the "Industrial Robot industry Standard Conditions".

It is understood that "industrial robot industry standard conditions" is the state Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to encourage industrial robot ontology production enterprises and industrial robot integrated application enterprises in accordance with the standard conditions of production and manufacturing industry regulations. Under the background of "a hundred flowers bloom" of domestic industrial robots, the formulation of strict industry norms is conducive to the good and orderly development of the industrial robot industry. "Industrial Robot Industry Standard Conditions" mainly from the enterprise's comprehensive conditions, product quality assurance ability, R & D innovation ability, talent team strength and other aspects, requires enterprises to have independent R & D, production, professional technical service ability; Have the corresponding production, testing and R&D equipment; The quality management system and integrated management system in line with GB/T 19001-2015 standards have been established, and the product manufacturing process is standardized and controllable, which has been recognized by the market. Due to the strict requirements of the industry norms, qualified enterprises are the best in the industrial robot industry.

4. The world's first intelligent rubber mixing production line of Yiyang Rubber Machinery has entered trial production in Guiyang

On the eve of May Day, Yiyang Rubber Machinery entered trial production of the world's first one-step intelligent rubber mixing production line, which was contracted by AVIC Guihang Hongyang Sealing parts Company. In July, it passed the acceptance and handed over customers.

The technical solution for the tire rubber industry research and development, to the company's leading tandem type mixer mixing technology as the core, and integrates the such as Germany, Klaus murphy, bear the bridge partners such as filter plastic extrusion machine at home and abroad advanced equipment, such as to subvert the original mode of traditional rubber mixing process, realize mother in rubber smelting, refining the disposable refining, To meet the new requirements of high efficiency, energy saving, green and environmental protection of rubber mixing equipment.

5. Yiyang Rubber Machinery Group made 69 inch tire vulcanizing machine

June 20, YiYANG RUBBER and PLASTIC Machinery Group Co., LTD. Made 69 inch hydraulic hybrid tire vulcanizing machine. So far, this is the company's largest volume vulcanizing machine, mainly producing all-steel radial tires.

It is reported that it has the characteristics of compact structure, high degree of automation, and remarkable energy saving effect. The machine adopts two levels of worm gear and worm drive, hydraulic center mechanism, the position of the upper ring can be automatically adjusted, with back inflation, servo hydraulic system, integrated thermal valve block, can achieve on-demand output.

6. "Da Xiangsu" signed the sales contract for the first 580L meshing mixer

In June, Da Xiangsu signed the sales contract for the first 580L meshing mixer, and the product entered the market successfully.

The upsizing of mixer is a developing trend of domestic and foreign market in recent years, and the market prospect is broad. Aiming at the opportunity, the company has carried out the research and development of large mixer technology, and many new technologies have been applied in other products of the same type and achieved good results, laying a solid foundation for the successful launch of 580L meshing large mixer.

The contract signing of the first 580L MEShing mixer filled the blank of the company in this type of products, and played a positive role in promoting the company to break the market monopoly and expand the influence in the rubber and rubber machinery industry.

7. Two products of Longxiang Technology were evaluated as the first intelligent manufacturing equipment (set) at national and provincial level

November 8, Jianyang Longxiang Science and Technology Development Co., LTD., the production of two sections of primary agricultural radial tire molding unit, LCY-2636 layer paste molding unit two products after layer review, respectively identified as the first domestic (set) and the first (set) in the province of intelligent manufacturing equipment.

Jianyang LONGXIANG SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture. Since its establishment in 1997, it has successfully developed hundreds of new products, and has won 2 provincial science and Technology Progress awards, 3 provincial and Ministry of Chemical Industry quality products, and 7 national utility model patents. Among them, the self-innovation, self-brand capsule reverse packaging engineering tire forming machine has been certified by the British International Science Center High and New Technology Achievement Certification Committee, in line with the international high and new technology achievement standards, in the world's advanced level.

8. The reorganization plan of Qingdao Tianhua Academy was adjusted again

On October 16, Qingdao Tianhuayuan Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. issued another restructuring plan. It is reported that the company intends to buy a 100% stake in Equipment Luxembourg from China National Chemical Equipment Global Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited. In addition, Tianhua Yuan also planned to acquire the main operating assets and liabilities of 4 rubber machinery enterprises, including Guilin rubber machinery, Yiyang rubber machinery, Sanming chemical and Hua rubber technology.

On December 6, 2017, Tianhua Yuan reviewed and approved the reorganization plan. The plan shows that in addition to the above acquisition behavior, they also non-public offering of shares to raise supporting funds, the total capital does not exceed 1,226 million yuan.

On June 5, 2018, Tianhua Institute announced the acquisition plan. Compared with the preplan, the announcement of the program has been partially adjusted. Including: no longer acquired Yiyang rubber machinery main operating assets and liabilities; Cancel the use of raised funds to invest in Yiyang rubber machine digital factory upgrading project plan.

On October 12, the latest reorganization plan passed the board of directors. In the new plan, the total amount of supporting funds raised by the company is changed to no more than 1026 million yuan; Guilin rubber machinery no longer as a trading partner; Guilin rubber machine digital green manufacturing capacity improvement project, no longer use raised funds.

In this regard, Tianhua Yuan explained that Yiyang rubber machinery relocation is not completed, Guilin rubber machinery operating condition is not good, their short-term profitability are uncertain. Therefore, Tianhua yuan decided to cancel the acquisition, agreed to accept the equipment company commissioned to manage Yiyang rubber machinery, Guilin rubber machinery 100% equity.

9. Innovation Meeting of National Rubber and Plastic Center has become a new highlight

In November 2018, sponsored by Rubber and Plastic Design Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Survey and Design Association, National Rubber and Plastic Design Technology Center, National Rubber and Plastic Machinery Information Center, Petroleum and Chemical Rubber and Plastic Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center, Rubber and Plastic Technology and Equipment, Rubber and Plastic Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection magazine, The 11th China (International) Rubber and Plastic Technology, Equipment and Market Summit of 2018 "Guilin Rubber Cup", co-organized by China National Chemical Industry Guilin Engineering Co., LTD., was successfully held in Guilin. The REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CONFERENCE INCLUDED MORE THAN 200 PEOPLE, INCLUDING AUTHORITATIVE EXPERTS IN THE RUBBER AND PLASTIC INDUSTRY, ACADEMIC PROFESSORS and scientific RESEARCHERS, SENIOR leaders and technical experts FROM ENTERPRISES related TO rubber and plastic machinery and products. New highlights of the forum include:


(2) Awarded awards to 32 people of the second session of China Rubber Machinery Industry "elites of The Times". Rubber machinery industry "elite of The Times" selection once every two years, the use of enterprise reporting, expert selection, selection, they are the outstanding representative of the Chinese rubber machinery industry, is the Chinese rubber machinery industry to meet new challenges, innovation driven rubber machinery industry leader and reformers.

(3) Awarded the "high quality and innovative products" shortlisted products of China Rubber and Plastic machine and its supporting industry in 2017. This is the first time in China rubber machine and its accessories industry "high quality, innovative products" professional evaluation activity to begin in July 2017, lasted more than a year of time to complete the from announcements, data collection, data review, the core expert review, expert evaluation, determine finalists product, 15 days of the public issue, such as application, Finally, the first batch of 19 "quality products" and 15 innovative products were evaluated. This activity has been recognized by the industry and society.

10. Softcontrol was selected as one of China's Top 100 Software Enterprises

In July, "2018 China Top 100 Enterprises with Comprehensive Competitiveness in Software and Information Technology Services" was held in Beijing, and Soft Holdings Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the "Top 100 Enterprises". It is reported that since 2000, Soft Control has carried out innovation around tire manufacturing information technology, and the main result is "tire life cycle MES information management system", which has been widely used in tire enterprises. This system effectively solves the problem of information disconnection between the bottom control system and the upper management system of tire enterprises. It can optimize, early warning and trace the production plan of each working procedure of tire enterprises, realize real-time monitoring, and improve the quality of tire products. Soft holding part said, will continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, continue to deepen the integration with rubber industry enterprises, further enhance their competitiveness, help the rubber industry to intelligent transformation. In addition to the rubber industry, Soft Control also focuses on chemical industry, military industry, new energy and other fields, helping manufacturing enterprises to upgrade their intelligence. The conference was directed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and hosted by the China Electronic Information Industry Association. The selection of the top 100 enterprises is based on the independent declaration of enterprises and the recommendation of relevant associations and units, which is determined after the evaluation and examination by experts. Huawei, Tencent and Baidu ranked first and third on the list of China's top 100 enterprises with comprehensive competitiveness in software and information technology Services in 2018.