Top 10 News of China's rubber machinery industry in 2017

Column:Industry information Time:2018-01-10
For China's rubber industry in 2017 is a year of progress while maintaining stability, many tire enterprises continue to increase capital and production, production and sales are booming..

Source: NATIONAL Rubber AND Plastic Machinery Information Center, Rubber and Plastic Technology and Equipment magazine

For China's rubber industry in 2017 is a year of progress while maintaining stability, many tire enterprises continue to increase capital and production, production and sales are booming, many enterprises also raised the price of tires, but by the pressure of raw materials and market competition, the overall profit of the industry has decreased significantly, and some tire enterprises have increased the loss surface. The major tire enterprises began to deepen the technical reform, constantly introduce new products, improve the technical level, increase the new profit growth point. The rubber products enterprises are also concentrating on strengthening their own technical strength. Affected by this phenomenon, our rubber machinery industry is also constantly improving the technical level, constantly research and development, new technology and new products constantly emerge. The National Rubber Machinery Information Center and the Rubber Machinery Technology and Equipment periodical office made an inventory of the development status and important events of China's rubber machinery industry in 2017. After the selection of the organization experts, the following 10 major events in the industry were selected as "top ten news stories in China's rubber machinery industry in 2017", which are now announced.

1.PS2A two-drum three-station radial tire one-step molding machine was released on the market

On September 21, 2017, Soft Holdings Co., Ltd. released the fourth generation radial tire primary molding machine - PS2A in Shanghai. PS2A belongs to two drum three station automatic forming machine, only 1 person operation, forming range of 14 "~22", suitable for SOT&TOS forming process, single cycle time break 40S (205/55 R16 (1PLY,1JLB)). It is understood that the model of synchronous anti-packaging and other 6 technologies to fill the domestic gap, the overall has reached the international advanced level.

PS2A molding machine has five characteristics: first, synchronous reverse packaging, automatic stepless full range belt drum, full range of synchronous belt bundle layer transfer ring, synchronous copy dynamic rolling, intelligent correction system, feeding system and other aspects of technical research and upgrade; Second, by optimizing the forming process and critical path action, the single cycle time of the product breaks 40S, and can be sustained and stable production; Thirdly, through modular and standardized design, the maintainability of PS2A molding machine is significantly improved and the stealth cost is reduced by 50%. Fourth, high reliability and stability can be guaranteed; Fifth, the deep integration of mechanical and electrical, product intelligence level leading the industry.

2. Five composite rubber extrusion machine and 3200mm wide film extrusion and calendering production line through the identification

On December 6, 2017, the "five-compound rubber extrusion unit" and "3200mm wide film extrusion and calendering line" produced by China National Chemical Industry Guilin Engineering Co., Ltd. passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

The five-compound rubber extrusion unit is the first domestic initiative (among which the all-steel five-compound rubber extrusion unit is the international initiative), and it is the first new product of rubber extrusion equipment in China. It breaks through the technical problem of extruding high-end tire semi-products containing five different rubber components at the same time in the same compound extrusion unit. It meets the special technological requirements of extruding high-end tire semi-products with conductive adhesive and asymmetric tread multi-layer arrangement, and is the best extrusion equipment for producing high-end radial tire semi-products, and improves the product quality and stability of high-end radial tires. The conclusion is that the main technical indicators of the technology and equipment have reached the international advanced level, and the all-steel five-compound unit is the first to be successfully developed at home and abroad.

The 3200mm wide film extrusion rolling production line is the first large span single extrusion of the rubber thin sheet extrusion equipment in our country (set). The extrusion width has got a historical breakthrough. The first self-designed single extruder head with double channel "Y" structure, developed the integration technology of split and reconfluence channel in the process of rubber production, and realized the production of 3200mm wide film by single extruder head. The process parameters of super large "I" calender were designed independently, and the 3200mm width continuous thin film was produced by combining the independently developed wide head and super large calender, which solved the problem of single extrusion and super width sheet production, and improved the product quality and stability. The technical scheme has filled the gap in the world, and the result is that the main technical index of the technical equipment has reached the international advanced level.

3. High performance tire direct pressure vulcanization advanced manufacturing process and equipment to fill the world gap

On July 6, 2017, Triangle Tire "Advanced manufacturing process and equipment of High performance tire direct pressure vulcanization" was authenticated by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. The expert group agreed that the scientific and technological achievements filled the gap at home and abroad, in the international leading level.

The process and equipment are led by Professor Yang Weimin of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and triangle tire joint development of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, great technical achievements in the field of tire vulcanization, innovation in three aspects: the invention of tire vulcanization rigid metal internal mold mechanism, replace the traditional capsule; Development of electromagnetic induction heating system to replace the traditional steam heating vulcanization process; The invention of tire direct pressure vulcanization equipment intelligent control system and special manipulator.

It has been proved that using this new technology and supporting equipment, the dynamic balance and uniformity of tires can be greatly improved, and the effect of vulcanization and energy saving is remarkable. At present, this achievement has obtained 11 invention patents, with completely independent intellectual property rights, the market application prospect is broad.

4. Tianhua Institute integrates the assets of China Chemical Rubber Machinery

On December 7, 2017, Tianhua Institute announced that the company intends to acquire the assets of ChemChina with 6.641 billion yuan. Among them, the most important piece should be the acquisition of the German century-old enterprise "Kraussmaffey" holding company Equipment Global, this transaction consideration of 5.967 billion yuan, accounting for 89.85% of the total acquisition consideration.

According to the announcement, according to our hospital plans to issue shares to buy equipment universal Luxembourg 100% stake in its holdings of equipment, and to the guilin rubber machine, yiyang rubber issuing shares to buy its main operating assets and liabilities, sanming rubber self-control mechanism and China issued shares to buy its holdings of assets such as land, real estate, the main equipment. The total purchase price of the assets was $6.641 billion. At the same time, the company plans to raise no more than 1.226 billion yuan of supporting funds. The real controller of the above transaction party is China National Chemical Corporation, which is the real controller of the company. The reorganization constitutes a connected transaction. Tianhua Yuan Group's rubber machinery assets integration, showing that the restructuring reform of China National Chemical Group is accelerating.

5. The new tandem mixer leads the glue mixing mode

On March 20, 2017, the first new series mixer specially developed for the non-tire industry was successfully rolled off the assembly line in Yiyang Rubber and Plastic Machinery Group Co., LTD. This marks the first successful application of the company's one-step intelligent rubber mixing technology in the rubber products industry.

Yiyang rubber machine of the tandem type mixer mixing technology at low temperature for the first time applied to auto parts, seal, rubber cable, hose tape and other rubber products industry, using small series mixer as a solution to realize the mother in rubber smelting, refining the disposable refining, to adapt to the international rubber mixing equipment on the new tendency of the development of high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection. The machine is made of GK90E and GE180T two mixer machines in series. The upper mixer GK90E introduces the technology of WP Company in Germany, mainly for the mother mixer. The lower mixer GE180T is a new product specially developed for the series matching of the upper mixer, which is responsible for the final mixer. The technical solution is based on the company's leading tandem mixer and mixing technology, which will be first applied to the general contract of AVIC seal project.

6. The first domestic steel wire fiber curtain dual calender has been successfully started in one time

In November 2017, at the production site of Assembly Division of Dalian Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., LTD., the first domestic "φ700 ×1800 steel wire fiber curtain dual purpose calender" developed and produced by the company held a factory inspection meeting.

This production line can meet the needs of steel wire and fiber curtain calendering process, especially the units of the back traction to the crimping section. In the process of product design, the trimming cutter adopts two kinds of structure: straight plate cutter and round blade cutter controlled by cylinder, which is suitable for the new structure of fiber and steel wire calendering process. The clamping device of cloth feeding and curtain tail is added to avoid the disadvantages of manual cutting of fiber curtain near crimping, so that the reliability and automation of the whole product are greatly improved. At the same time, this production line has greatly improved in the measurement accuracy of roll gap and the convenience of the over-joint device.

The production line has the characteristics of production diversity, high production efficiency, small footprint, high cost performance, the product can be a good substitute for similar foreign products, the market prospect is good.

7. The construction project of intelligent rubber machinery digital manufacturing base was launched in Yiyang

On August 15, 2017, Yiyang Rubber and Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Germany's Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Automation held the launch meeting and 4.0 strategic cooperation signing ceremony of "Intelligent rubber machinery Digital Manufacturing Base Construction Project" in Yiyang, Hunan Province. It is reported that this signing marks Yiyang rubber machinery and Fraunhofer in the overall relocation project construction promotion, a key step.

The project is planned to be built in the East Industrial Park of Yiyang City, covering an area of 258 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. It will integrate the existing Yiyang Xiangli Longshan factory area and Chaoyang industrial Park plant effective resources on the basis of combined with the needs of intelligent rubber machinery digital manufacturing, the introduction of key digital equipment, process and digital management system. Among them, the digital factory design is undertaken by Germany Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Automation. After signing the contract, Yiyang rubber machinery will accelerate the integration process with Germany Claus Maffei, make full use of the opportunity of cooperation with Fraunhofer research Institute, accelerate the construction progress of intelligent rubber machinery digital base, to achieve the second leap Yiyang rubber machinery.

8. Anti-adhesion rubber conveyor belt preparation technology and application projects have been identified

On November 8, 2017, Wuxi Baotong Technology Co., LTD. 's "anti-adhesive rubber conveyor belt preparation technology and application" project successfully passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The APPRAISAL experts AGREE that the overall technology of the project has reached the international advanced level, and put forward suggestions to further expand the production scale and market promotion.

It is understood that the project has been put into use in related industries, users feedback good use, with high cost performance, especially compared with the traditional rubber conveyor belt, has significant anti-adhesion effect, effectively improve the transportation efficiency, to achieve a win-win economic and social benefits.

9. Portable electric glue knife to end the status quo of pure manual glue cutting

On April 25, 2017, the Rubber Institute of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences officially launched the first generation 4GXJ-1 portable electric glue knife. This marks China's rubber industry is expected to end decades of pure manual cutting status, into the era of electric mechanized rubber collection.

This electric glue knife is light and convenient, weighing only 350g; Simple and easy to learn, novice training 3~5 days can be on duty; The ratio of leather is high, the return of heavy knife is less, and the efficiency of glue cutting can be increased by 15%-20% after skilled use. The ELECTRIC GLUE KNIFE IS EQUIPPED WITH LIMIT PROTECTION device, THE glue cutting DEPTH and skin consumption thickness are CONTROLLED by machinery, and can be adjusted according to the tree age and production needs. The technical difficulty of rubber cutting is greatly reduced, effectively reducing the amount of skin consumption, and no longer rely on the technical experience of rubber workers. It is understood that the main part of the electric glue knife can be used for 3~5 years. According to the management of a rubber factory of 30 mu, excluding the cost of replacing vulnerable parts and blades, the annual mechanical use cost of each mu of rubber factory is less than 30 yuan.

10.3D printed polyurethane tires are available

In July 2017, the 3D-printed polyurethane tire jointly developed by Shandong Linglong Tire Co., LTD and Beijing University of Chemical Technology was successfully launched and passed the test, becoming the first polyurethane tire with standard specifications prepared by 3D printing in China.

This study combines pu material and 3 d printing technology, through the fused deposition method (FDM) complete 3 d printing, a tire inner hexagon hollow structure, implement tires a integrated, without mould structure can be prepared with a variety of decorative pattern of low rolling resistance, high wear resistance tires, short technological process, fully automatic, which can realize the scene, therefore, make more quickly and more efficient.

The successful development of 3 d printing pu tires, with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials, compared with the traditional rubber tread with lower heat and lower rolling resistance, made of polyurethane tire process is simple, safe, durable, environmental protection, waste tires can be recycled or used in the manufacture of other industrial products, the cost is much lower than the traditional rubber tires, It is expected to be the main material for the next generation of green tires.