Portable inner liner thickness meter

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Portable inner liner thickness meter

The portable inner liner thickness measuring instrument is a measuring system used to measure the thickness of the rubber inside the steel wire in the tire. It can be suitable for the measurement of the rubber thickness of semi-finished and finished tires. The measurement process does not need to cut the tire. It is specific, high-precision, easy to use, high measurement efficiency, low use cost, and can effectively ensure the inspection and control of tire quality.

Measuring principle:

The system uses magnetic sensors to collect signals. The magnetic sensors calculate the thickness of rubber on the surface according to the strength of signals generated by steel wires. They have the characteristics of wide measurement range, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance, long service life and excellent frequency response characteristics.

In the application process, customers can measure the thickness range of rubber according to the actual situation and choose the right type.

Equipment advantages:

With backlight function, the measuring environment is not affected by light;

Real time display of measured values, support of standard thickness and tolerance setting, convenient zeroing, and sound alarm function for data out of tolerance;

According to customer requirements, computer software can be configured to output and store measurement data, count the maximum value, minimum value, average value and curve report, and can be equipped with external interfaces for convenient data transmission; Communicate with the network.

It is applicable to a variety of applications, such as finished products, semi-finished products and non-destructive testing in tire manufacturing.

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