Embrace dreams and win the future - wohua Huitong 2021 commendation meeting and spring festival celebration

Column:Corporate news Time:2021-02-08
The law turns into a great force, and the good Qi is the same. The shoulder rubs the hub and the percussion music is harmonious.

The law turns into a great force, and the good Qi is the same. The shoulder rubs the hub and the percussion music is harmonious. In the early spring, which represents vitality and vigor, we gathered together in a special way to share the fruits of harvest. 2020, which was accompanied by the challenge of the epidemic, has officially entered the stage of history. It was a hard year. But in the big family of our company, what we feel is love and affection. It is everyone's enthusiasm, cooperation, dedication and fraternity that make us progress day by day.

Mr. Niu said: we should summarize the past year, what progress we have made and what progress we have helped our colleagues to make. At present, the situation is still grim. In the new year, we must overcome difficulties, firmly follow the path of cooperative development, and formulate new learning plans for individuals to make continuous progress.

President Guo reviewed the basic work of the company last year. 2020 was a special year full of challenges. However, with the joint efforts of all wohua people, we achieved a smooth transition and achieved remarkable results. Looking forward to 2021, we should fully unleash team energy and strive to expand new fields. "The heaven is healthy, and the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement; the terrain is high, and the gentleman is loaded with virtue." we should be good at summing up and reflecting, constantly learning and surpassing ourselves with an empty cup mentality.

In the past year, wohua Huitong has emerged many excellent partners, who have set an example for our work in their respective posts and formed the work vane of our warm collective.

Five awards were awarded in this commendation meeting: excellent employee award, excellent Elite Award, excellent management award, excellent team award and ten-year contribution award.

Although the cause of the epidemic has temporarily prevented us from getting together, the unique way of gathering is still full of a strong festive atmosphere. All resident staff representatives sent New Year greetings to all partners online~

The year 2020 is a test of the times for us, and it also brings us unexpected opportunities. Under such a special background, with the dedication and efforts of all members of our company, gratifying results have been achieved.

Unite to achieve great cause and strive to realize dreams! In the new year, let's "embrace dreams and win the future" together and create a better tomorrow for wohua with confidence and courage!