Top 10 News of China's rubber and Plastic machinery industry in 2019

Column:Industry information Time:2020-04-29
By the national Rubber Machinery Information Center and the Rubber Machinery Technology and Equipment periodical office, the development status and important events of China's rubber machinery industry in 2019 were taken into account.

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By the national Rubber Machinery Information Center and the Rubber Machinery Technology and Equipment periodical office, the development status and important events of China's rubber machinery industry in 2019 were taken into account. After the selection of the organization experts, the following 10 major industry events were selected as "top ten news stories in China's rubber machinery industry in 2019", which are now being announced.

1. Six smart products and technologies of Soft Control were first published in the world

On October 21, 2019, "Concentrate on Quality intelligence, achieve WE Lai" Soft Control 2020 new products, new technology launch conference was held in Qingdao, launched three intelligent technology platform and three intelligent equipment.

(1) R&D platform of soft control ROC forming machine. The platform takes customer demand as the center, standardization and modularity as the approach, product platform, technology platform and testing platform as the support of product research and development acquisition center, can achieve fast and stable tire process customized equipment, so as to provide customers with the best molding system.

(2) Mixed Reality (MR) intelligent application platform of soft-control molding machine. It is a kind of information technology based on wearable devices. Through the application of operation, maintenance guide and remote maintenance function on molding machines and other equipment, it can solve the factory's dependence on skilled workers, shorten the growth cycle of new employees, improve quality, improve efficiency and reduce cost on the whole. This platform will be quickly promoted to all soft control product lines.

(3) Soft control rubber equipment big data intelligent application platform. Is a collection of data analysis, modeling, digging, prediction as one of the platform, the platform USES many traditional data mining algorithm and machine learning algorithms such as modeling, assessment, and within DNN tire embryo quality correlation analysis model, establish forming embryos data with dynamic balance relationship between uniformity testing data, so that the molding equipment have quality prediction function.

(4) O-Pro all steel engineering radial tire forming machine. The PRO series engineering tire forming machine launched after TPRO-S is also the third generation of engineering tire forming machine independently developed based on ROC molding machine technology platform. This model focuses on the diversified customization needs of 20-25" small and medium-sized engineering tires (engineering tires, heavy truck tires, military tires, wide base tires, etc.), breakthroughs in embryo positioning, tread winding and other key technologies, forming efficiency increased by 50%.

(5). Bc-6 small Angle wire curtain cutting machine. It IS the sixth generation of SOFT-controlled small Angle cutting product, which has overcome the vibration and noise reduction technology of cutting host, and can greatly improve the cutting stability. The new joint is equipped with synchronous deviation correction and closed-loop control technology to ensure the joint quality is stable and reliable. The efficiency exceeded 24 /min; A key to change specifications and other automation technology, greatly shorten the downtime, the shift production of 24,000 meters; The original intelligent technology, such as no-adjustment knife, quality inspection and closed-loop control, realizes the simplicity and ease of use of the equipment.

(6) AT-3 all steel triangle adhesive production line. It is the third generation all-steel triangle adhesive product of Soft Control. After 6 years of process improvement and technical precipitation, it is a brand new product with subversive innovation introduced by combining with the pain points and difficulties of 23 customers on the spot. At-3 is characterized by "three high and one low" products with high quality, high efficiency, high intelligence and low operating cost. With 44 patented technologies and stable joints, the annual production capacity of AT-3 is increased from 1 million sets to 1.4 million sets.

2, Sachi Huachen machinery and a new high

In recent years, SACH has been internationalized in the market, especially to let China Rubber Machinery go out, from China to the world manufacturing strategic layout, constantly looking for development opportunities.

In 2019, we won the major international projects of intelligent logistics and intelligent production line of Linglong Tire Serbia Project with high technical content, and actively participated in the ABU Dhabi tire project, the national demonstration industrial project of the "Belt and Road" production Capacity Demonstration Park in the Middle East. The Zrenjanin project of Linglong Tire in Serbia, the first European factory of Chinese tire, is the largest foreign direct investment project in Serbia, with a planned land area of 130 hectares and a total construction area of nearly 400,000 square meters. After the completion of the project, the annual output of various kinds of high-performance radial tires is 13.62 million. The project will use artificial intelligence, mobile sensing, industrial big data and industrial robots to integrate fine management, excellent quality, green manufacturing and high-end brands to build a tire factory with full process automation and green production process, setting a benchmark for high-end intelligent manufacturing and green supply chain system.

In the Londobert ABU Dhabi tire project, Saqi is responsible for and collaborates with Siemens, AB and other international famous enterprises to build a world-class tire intelligent factory for Londobert. Relying on industrial Internet of Things, intelligent logistics system, intelligent equipment and other advanced technologies, Realize the automation and intelligent control of the whole production process from raw material warehousing, refining, molding, vulcanization, testing and finished products out of the warehouse. At the same time, Saqi provides high-end intelligent molding machine and energy-saving and environmental protection vulcanization machine equipment for Longdobert.

As a supplier of famous tire companies at home and abroad, such as Linglong, Gitong, Nexen, etc., Satch's current orders in hand have reached more than 3.5 billion yuan, creating a historical record of the enterprise, which marks that Satch has entered a new brilliant period.

3. The 300,000-350,000 T/year large continuous mixing extrusion granulation unit developed by Da Xiangsu has successfully passed the research and development and application achievement appraisal in Beijing

On December 9TH, DALIAN RUBBER AND PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD., DEVELOPED AN ANNUAL OUTPUT OF 300,000-350,000 T LARGE CONTINUOUS MIXING EXTRUSION GRANulation unit, successfully passed the research and development and application achievements appraisal organized by China Machinery Industry Federation in Beijing. The appraisal committee is composed of 14 experts from China General Machinery Industry Association, China Plastic Machinery Industry Association, South China University of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Design Institute and users.

The unit is currently the largest domestic polyethylene large extruding and granulating machine group, in the process of development, cracked rotor alternating load resistance, melt self-lubricating bearing, large, complex shape surface of rotor and barrel processing, surface strengthening and heat treatment technology and technical problems, such as developed online monitoring, fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance and one-click drive such as intelligent control system, It provides technical guarantee for long period stable operation of the unit. The unit has obtained 17 invention patents and 12 utility model patents; Two national standards and two industrial standards have been formulated.

4. Double Star waste rubber green ecological industrialization "Industry 4.0" demonstration base with an investment of 320 million yuan was settled in Shiyan, Hubei Province

On October 21, 2019, the groundbreaking ceremony of Hubei Double Star Yikstar waste rubber green ecological industrialization "Industry 4.0" demonstration base was held in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, which is another industrialization demonstration base after the world's first waste tire green ecological recycling "Industry 4.0" intelligent factory in Runan County, Henan Province was put into operation. The TOTAL investment of the project is about 320 million yuan, the total area is about 157 mu, and the annual processing capacity is 100,000 tons of waste rubber (tire). After completion, it will be built into a model factory of green ecological recycling of waste rubber in Central China, which will further promote the economic development of Shiyan City and the construction of "no waste city".

We have learned, project planning and construction in accordance with the "4.0" industrial standards, the world first-class production technology, modern logistics production layout, the Banks of the world's leading technology and modular equipment, industry-leading RCOS block chain platform, the remote control operating service and the development of the Ministry of Science and Technology major r&d projects solid waste recycling. The use of waste tire green cracking technology and equipment, not only to achieve intelligent sorting, intelligent cleaning, intelligent drying, intelligent transportation, intelligent pyrolysis, intelligent storage, intelligent control, and can "turn" the waste tire into 40% primary oil, 30% environmental protection carbon black, 20% steel wire and 10% gas, To realize the recycling of waste tires of "zero pollution, zero residue, zero emission, full utilization", is called by experts in this field of "high-speed rail project" and practice of the "two mountains" typical representative of the idea.

Binary hubei ixian of waste rubber industrial 4.0 "industrialization of green ecological demonstration base construction, will accelerate the binary star in the world of waste rubber (tyre) the layout of the green ecological recycling industry, further boost the construction of the" no waste city ", into a global green ecological recycling waste rubber setter and dominant.

5, the fourth generation of Huaao hydraulic vulcanizing machine released, the performance of "streamlining and saving"

On September 20, 2019, the fourth generation of hydraulic vulcanizing machine of Huaao Tire Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was launched in Yancheng Binhai factory glory, which can be summarized in four words: "streamlining and saving". Fine, refers to high precision, can adapt to the current demand of lean production. The main movement adopts linear guide rail to avoid the force of the guide system; It can connect with the most advanced automatic logistics system and build unmanned workshop, including AGV and EMS system, and data interface. Jane, refers to the simple structure, improve the reliability, and the original 7 equipment space can be placed 8. Section, refers to saving energy consumption, covering area (no ground pit + "slim"), infrastructure project investment, can be completed within two days of rapid installation. About, it means simple. Reduce auxiliary working time, improve production efficiency and capacity utilization, compared with the current highest efficiency vulcanizing machine, can produce 2600 more tires per year. Suitable for a wide range of steel ring size, can replace the existing 45 ~ 52 inch mechanical vulcanizing machine.

6. A new generation of two-plate injection molding machine, Haitian Tianhong JUIII series, came out

In May 2019, the new Sea Sky JUIII series came out and went on sale worldwide. This model is the first model launched by Haitian International based on the third generation technology platform. It gathers the wisdom and experience of Haitian two plate machine research and development for more than 20 years, and integrates the latest servo hydraulic technology of Haitian. It is equipped with an open new control system platform, which can realize digital fine control.

At the beginning of the product technology upgrading, technology research and development team is adhering to the "technology perfect" product development philosophy, based on the practical application of a large number of customers, closely around the real needs of customers, for aircraft parts to carry on the omni-directional optimization and promotion, to make it at the same time of flexibility, simplicity, more human.

The new generation JU series models not only operate more stably, safely and reliably, but also have a more compact structure -- it gives full play to the advantage of small footprint, further increases the mold moving stroke and modulus capacity, and makes the mold opening and closing of the whole machine more stable and significantly shorten the dry cycle. In addition, the new models of mold replacement and their own maintenance are more convenient and fast.

Innovation IN design AND IMPROVEMENT IN TECHNOLOGY MAKE THIS two-plate injection molding machine based on Haitian's latest technology platform ideal for a variety of applications. JUIII can easily handle high-precision parts in the automotive industry, high surface quality parts in the home appliances industry, and large parts such as turnover boxes and garbage sorting bins in the logistics and civilian industries.

7. Yantai Furuida two new molding machines on the market

In September 2019, the LCZ-G2433 all-steel engineering radial tire two-method two-station integrated forming machine developed by the company is a domestic first independently developed by the company, with a number of patented technologies of new all-steel engineering radial tire equipment. It can meet the requirements of 13 types of adhesives, curtain width less than 2.9 meters, belt width less than 1 meters, most adhesives automatic cutting requirements; Can produce 24 inches to 33 inches of all specifications of the all-steel engineering tire, covering a wide range, strong versatility.

In October 2019, the solid tire forming machine production line developed by the company is an innovative high-end equipment. The equipment is divided into two parts: one part is used for forming the base rubber cylinder. The forming drum is passively wound on the roller of the mixer, and the base of the glue is hot. The forming drum adopts servo motor to expand and shrink, and the wire coil is embedded in the hot film. Only wire coil placement and fetal embryo removal can be completed manually. The manipulator is equipped with a weighing device. The second part is used for the forming application of intermediate glue and tread glue. The forming arm is driven by a sliding trolley which automatically moves in the air and runs automatically on the ring guide rail. Not only to meet the automatic movement between the working process turnover, reduce labor intensity. And make the ground operation space, convenient operation, each mechanical arm is equipped with a weighing device and embryo unloading mechanism. Molding specifications 8 "~20".

8. SpaceA won the 2019 European SPE Automotive Innovation Award

The European Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) Automotive Innovation Awards ceremony was held in Germany in November. Isimi SpaceA flexible additive manufacturing system won the EnablerTechnology category award. This is the first time that I have won this honor.

The SpaceA flexible additive manufacturing system, developed by the German subsidiary of Izimi, is based on screw extrusion technology and can be directly produced using thermoplastic pellets filled with fiber. The system can integrate additive and reduced-material manufacturing processes to achieve automation and large-scale manufacturing. As a result, SpaceA stands out from a number of well-known additive manufacturing processes that focus on sample production, with potential for mass production.

The Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) Automotive Innovation Awards focus specifically on new, innovative plastic parts. The award is one of the most influential international awards in the automotive and plastics industry, with categories including body interior, body exterior, powertrain and structural parts, and enabling technology. Judges from various areas of plastics technology and vehicle manufacturing judge each product against specified criteria. The next European SPE Automotive Innovation Awards will be held on 30 November 2020.

9. The plane Z-type helical conveyor online auxiliary machine system is amazing to the market

In May 2019, Qingdao Jiazhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed the equipment according to the current customer needs in the rubber products industry. The equipment can be installed and used at the height of 6.5 meters, with a small footprint and greatly reduced cost. It has created a new way of material conveying in China and is an innovative product with broad market prospects.

Special equipment structure design, in the vertical lifting section of the special structure design, shorten the conveying distance, ensure the smooth material promotion, reduce the material breakage rate, each material using special spiral conveying, to avoid the pipeline storage, mixing problems, improve the stability of the rubber process products. High degree of automation, can automatically weigh, automatically into the mixer, automatic mixing, each car has weighing and mixing report data, improve the stability of products, to achieve the traceability of production information, reduce the labor intensity of workers, simple maintenance and low cost. Excellent environmental performance, each cloth sleeve are hard connected, good sealing, powder are transported in a closed spiral, no pollution, meet the requirements of environmental protection.

10. The second batch (2018) of "high-quality and innovative products" evaluation of China Rubber and Plastic machine and its supporting industry was unveiled

In September 2019, the second batch (2018) of "high-quality innovative products" evaluation conference of China rubber and Plastic machinery and its supporting industries was successfully held in Shanghai. A total of 32 products of rubber and plastic machinery and its supporting industries were listed in this evaluation.

Among them, 17 are "quality products". They are: 75L pressure mixer (Dalian No. 2 Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., LTD.), auxiliary machine system (Beijing Wanxiang Xinyuan Technology Co., LTD.), Laboratory mixer system (Qingdao Kegao Rubber & Plastic Machinery Technology Equipment Co., LTD.), XM-370X (6-60)Y closed rubber mixer (Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., LTD.), XK-660 open Rubber mixing machine (Wuxi Shuangxiang rubber Machinery Co., LTD.), tire nitrogen vulcanization with pressure swing adsorption nitrogen supply device (Beijing Hezhong Venture Technology Co., LTD.), LL-BY1600 machine liquid mixed tire vulcanization