Top 10 News of China's rubber industry in 2013

Column:Industry information Time:2014-01-02

1. Rubber prices remained low throughout the year

In 2013, natural rubber and synthetic rubber prices continued to fluctuate low, natural rubber prices showed a trend of suppression and then rise and then entangling, the annual price trend in 16600 ~ 27100 yuan/ton, high inventory; Synthetic rubber price is low, the enterprise starts insufficient, the overall operating rate of the device is about 61%. Affected by this, the selling price of rubber products such as tires also gradually decreased.

2. The overall profitability of the rubber industry has turned for the better

Affected by the low price of rubber raw materials, the rubber industry in 2013, except the carbon black industry, the overall profit situation basically showed a turn for the better. According to the statistics of the Chinese Rubber Association, the profit margin of industry sales revenue in the first 10 months was 5.45%, 0.21 percentage points higher than the first three quarters, ending the downward trend for three consecutive months; The sales revenue of the industry maintained a slight growth year-on-year, and the growth trend flattened, among which the tire sales revenue had a negative growth year-on-year; The growth rate of export deliveries was positive for the third consecutive month from a year earlier, but the growth rate was small.

3. A number of national industrial policies have been issued or revised

Entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Rubber Industry Association has completed the draft of Access Conditions for the Tire Industry and submitted it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In January 2013, the Ministry of Commerce issued two industrial standards, Technical Specifications for Tire Claims and Professional Technical Requirements for Tire Claims Appraisal Personnel, which came into effect on September 1. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in April issued the "waste tire comprehensive utilization industry access notice management interim Measures", and effective from May 1.

China Rubber Association completed the revision of the Single Consumption Standard of Tire and Outer Tire Processing Trade, and passed the examination and approval of General Administration of Customs and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation; To put forward suggestions for revising the Industrial Structure Adjustment Catalogue led by the National Development and Reform Commission; Entrusted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, to complete the compilation of Technical Policy on Pollution Prevention and Control in Rubber Industry; Entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, complete the draft of "Technical Requirements for Evaluation of Cleaner Production Level in Recycled Rubber Industry" for soliciting comments.

4. China Rubber Association will speed up the formulation of self-discipline standards for the industry

On the basis of completing the project of "Green Tire Industry Development Research" initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Rubber Industry Association has organized and completed the self-regulatory standard of "Green Tire Technical Specification" (draft for comments), which has begun to solicit opinions in the industry and is expected to be officially released in the first quarter of 2014. To investigate and study the implementation of tire labeling system in China, and to study the initial ideas of setting up "Green tire Technical support Center" and compiling "Green Tire Environmental Protection Raw Materials Guide"; Completed the first draft of the integration and revision of the Evaluation Index System of Tire Cleaner Production; Developed the "force tire technology specification"; Completed the "rubber shoe product health and safety technical standards industry self-discipline Convention"; Complete the industry self-discipline standard of "High heat stability insoluble sulfur".

5. Hot tire investment drives the production and sales of rubber machinery industry

In 2013, a new round of investment boom was set off in the tire industry. According to rough statistics, the new all-steel tire production capacity was 20 million and the semi-steel tire production capacity was more than 100 million. Influenced by this, China's rubber machinery industry is now thriving both production and marketing. In 2013, the sales revenue reached 12 billion yuan and the export foreign exchange reached 220 million U.S. dollars, both hitting a record high. The sales revenue accounted for 30% of the global share, ranking the top for 10 consecutive years.

6. Trade frictions remain severe

In 2013, foreign trade frictions against China's rubber industry are still frequent. Such as Egypt on Huaca bus tires launched an anti-dumping sunset review investigation; The United States launched a sunset review of highway tires in China and Africa, and conducted 337 investigations on 6 Chinese tire companies. Brazil launched an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese bicycle tire inner tubes and imposed anti-dumping duties of 2.21 ~ 7.4 USD/kg on motorcycle tires imported from China. In the face of frequent foreign trade frictions, relevant business associations quickly organized domestic enterprises involved in the active response, and timely release the import and export of rubber products at home and abroad, calling on enterprises to do a good early warning.

7, Gutta-percha device construction and application development progress

On September 20, 2013, the world's first 10,000-ton synthetic gutta-percha (TPI) industrial production plant was put into production in Qingdao, rewriting the history of the world's 10,000-ton industrial production plant without trans isopere gum. At the same time, Hubei Eucommia Technology Industrial Co., LTD. Annual output of 300 tons of natural gutta-percha extraction device completed and successful trial production. The application and development of gutta-percha has made progress. The tire tread of synthetic gutta-percha formula used by Qingdao Dipi New Material Company has been tested by German authorities and reached the AA standard of EU; Zhuzhou Times New Materials Co., Ltd. and Xiangxi Dadi Biological Co., Ltd. have successfully applied natural gutta-percha to high-speed rail shock absorption and other components; The synthetic gutta-percha is also effective in the middle sole of sports shoes.

8, rubber enterprises go out and merger and reorganization achieved results

In 2013, China's rubber enterprises continued to make significant achievements in the aspects of going out and merger and reorganization. For example, Soft Control has set up a North American R&D center in Akron, USA, together with R&D centers in Europe and China, which has completed the international layout of R&D. At the same time, we have completed the construction of 5 sales regions covering the world. Shuangqian Group has acquired and held 51% equity of Xinjiang Kunlun Tire Co., LTD and Chaoyang Langma Tire Co., LTD through capital increase and acquisition of equity cooperation projects. Zhuzhou Times New Materials and global auto parts supplier ZF Group (ZF) signed a master purchase agreement, invested about 290 million euros to acquire the rubber and metal business (BOGE) of ZF Group, and become an important supplier of domestic automobile shock and noise reduction products.

9, the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber industry to implement environmental protection upgrade

In order to meet the requirements of sustainable development and circular economy, build a conservation-oriented society, protect and improve the environment, the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber industry in 2013 will upgrade the environmental protection work as the focus, identified three major tasks: eliminate the "small three" unsafe equipment, change the waste tire crushing process; To formulate self-regulatory standards for environmental protection recycled rubber industry and eliminate coal tar; Change reclaimed rubber high temperature and high pressure desulfurization process, adopt atmospheric pressure continuous environmental protection desulfurization process.

10. Automation and information technology boost the transformation and upgrading of the rubber industry

Due to the continuous improvement of enterprise environmental costs, labor costs, logistics costs and other costs, it is urgent to use high-end technology and equipment, improve labor efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve product quality, which is also the only way to the transformation and upgrading of rubber enterprises. Therefore, enterprises have an urgent need for automation technology, intelligent and information technology, such as robots. Many enterprises have implemented intelligent and information management of process flow, and increase the application of automation equipment. At the same time, they began to pay attention to e-commerce, a new sales model.