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1, the mechanical engineer
1) machinery manufacturing, mechatronics and related professional college education;
2) non-standard design for more than three years work experience;
3) has a strong independent design and ability; skilled in using a variety of mapping software;
4) be familiar with sheet metal, machine design process;
Experimental instrument design, hydraulic and pneumatic design related work experience preferred one;
Responsibilities: mechanical design, non-standard design
2, the software engineer
1) computer software or related professional degree or above;
2) work experience in the field of industrial control or automation for more than two years, the control system with the rubber and plastics industry is preferred;
3) use the configuration software or PLC; familiar with the serial port, database programming;
4) Good communication skills and team spirit, to adapt to travel.
Responsibilities: system software development and design work.
3, system engineers
1) automation or related professional, college degree or above;
2) industrial control or automation field for more than three years of work experience; adapt to long term travel.
1) the completion of the system design and implementation;
2) is responsible for system integration, debugging, testing with external acceptance.