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System Integration and Information Division was founded in July 1997, the start-up of the foundation plate as the Corporation, we have a number of excellent, innovative high-tech talent, focus on R & D Technology products with independent intellectual property rights. Committed to the rubber, plastics, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, machinery manufacturing, automotive, electronic, paper and other industries, with cutting-edge research and technology, superior product quality, specifically sincere sense of service to win the trust of customers, and to create a comprehensive global quality products and brands.
As high-tech enterprises in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises Association Member, system integration and information division has a professional technical team engaged in industrial automation software R & D, product design, production and marketing of professional automation control systems integrators, professional measuring equipment and the design of non-standard equipment manufacturers. As of 2012, the Division won five of the patents, 11 software copyrights.

Market and technology development process, we continue to seek cooperation with the outside world. Since 2003, in cooperation with the world's largest auto parts supplier Delphi, to provide a manufacturing production line completely independent research and development by the domestic design, changing the status of Delphi's production line is completely dependent on foreign design, and recognized by the president of Delphi Asia Pacific ; 2004 with South Korea Woo Sung Machinery Mfg, Co., Ltd. cooperation is completed and delivered the first set of semi-steel drum building machine, investment in equipment to fill the blank of the domestic semi-steel building machine design and production ; the 2006 awarded Schneider Electric Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (China) core-level system integrators title; 2007, co-operation with the South Fanghao Hua (Guilin) ​​Rubber Co., Ltd. "giant steel radial tire production technology and critical equipment R & D Project is a national scientific and technological support projects, Guilin key projects and major government investment projects, the project at the end of 2008 through the national identification.

System Integration and Information Division, scientific research and technology is always at the forefront in the industry, in the ISO 9001 quality management certification system under the control of independent research and design of products include: system software, and non-standard equipment, sheet or strip thickness, width detection, contour shape detection, visual inspection as well as automated control system design and transformation, providing customers with the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, full-service.