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New eddy current thickness measurement system

New eddy current thickness measurement system is the use of imported high precision eddy current sensor, rolling, extrusion film thickness of the line thickness sentinel detection, and provide an important test of the means to improve product quality control.
The eddy current sensor in the rubber, the thickness of the tire production process used measurement applications, is the use of magnetic permeability of the eddy current sensor to measure the position of the rolls, by rolling (extrusion) the variation of the thickness of the film, resulting in changes in the sensor and the drum position, thereby derived measured film thickness variation.
The measuring principle is as follows:

Technical indicators:
Measuring range :0-6mm, linearity: ≤ ± 0.25% FSO,
Frequency response: 25KHz, temperature range: -50 ° C - +150 ° C,
Eddy current thickness measurement system based on the technical requirements of the tire industry equipment, its main configuration consists of the following components:
(1) The film thickness of the acquisition system, eddy current measurement system assembly;
(2) industry-specific control computer;
(3) PLC control system;
(4) the visualization of the position detection system software;
(5) other ancillary equipment.