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Calender film thickness measurement and control system

1, the system briefly:
For S-type characteristics and rolling production line of the calender roller arrangement, thickness measurement system using the eddy current sensor on-line detection under the total thickness of the film and the hanging plastic cord, production, technology, quality product thickness measurement conditions provide the basis for the operator to control the thickness of the product to ensure the level of quality of the production of the film.
Wherein the upper and lower film measurement each mounting 2 points of the left, right, the measurement setup left, middle and right of the film total thickness 3:00. To ensure accuracy, the film total thickness measurement at the need to increase the precision reference roller.

2, hardware selection, structural requirements:
The measurement system uses imported high precision eddy current sensor, adjustable bracket on the counterweight so that the wheel is always in contact with the film on the rolling surface of the roller, adjust the counterweight wheel in close contact with the measured, while ensuring that the analyte is not produces deformation. The roll distance adjustment causing roller position change in the production process when the sensor assembly is automatically regulating assurance wheel always brought into close contact with the analyte, the sensor output with the changes in the thickness of the analyte into a linear output. The thickness of the signal processed by computer to show the value of the real-time measurement and trend graph screen.

To ensure measurement accuracy and stability of the mounting bracket and the structure for the following specific requirements:
The wheel material 3Cr13 material to ensure the material wear and viscose impact, sensor overall width of 120mm, and the spacing of 80mm;
A beam strength of the mounting bracket to ensure that the installation accuracy, strength requirements;
Counterweight wheel shaft length design, it is necessary to take full account of, the next film installation position of small factors to ensure that the installation size;
All mechanical structure, screws to do anti loose throw down, damage avoid rolling host;
Sensors the bold and protection of data lines, and to ensure the long-term use of the site;
The total thickness of the reference roller diameter should be larger than 300mm, and to ensure the stability of the measurement.The main configuration of the system consists of the following components:

Upper and lower film and the hanging plastic ply thickness acquisition system;
Industry-specific control computer;
PLC control system;
Visual the upper detection system software;
Other ancillary equipment.

3, system software functions:
Sensor data (the object thickness signal acquisition);
Production of varieties of process parameters set;
The thickness of the object is displayed in real time;
Production data storage capabilities;
Historical data query functions.


4, the system measurement range, accuracy requirements:
On the film thickness range :0-2mm, measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 0.025mm;
The total thickness of the film thickness range :0-3mm, measurement accuracy: ≤ ± 0.025mm;
Adapt to the production line speed: 50m/min;
Resolution: 0.005% FSO;
Frequency response: 25Khz;
Adapt to the temperature range: -50 º C-150 º C.